Darwinia App Referral Code is “12gJNfHaf1Xihbef8V9XTccfDNRvshVqVsSottuqAjQrs4Ka” – RECEIVE 25% BONUS AND KTON

Darwinia App Referral Code is “12gJNfHaf1Xihbef8V9XTccfDNRvshVqVsSottuqAjQrs4Ka“.Apply this referral code when you Signup and you will receive 25% Bonus and free KTON.

Darwinia App referral Code Benefits

Darwinia is a virtual theme park that runs solely on a computer network and is populated by Darwinians, a sentient developing life form.

  • Darwinia Network’s native tokens are RING and KTON. KTON is a RING derivative commitment token that fosters long-term participation.
  • Darwinia Smart App is Ethereum-compatible, and it supports DApps like as Defi and NFT, which can be simply transferred to Polkadot.
  • Darwinia Network gives projects that have been deployed on public blockchains like Ethereum and BSC access to the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • The Darwinia network can provide users with a high-quality experience, including cheap transaction fees and lightning-fast transaction confirmation times.

Darwinia App Referral Code
Darwinia App Referral Code

Steps to SignUp On Darwinia App

  1. Install and Open this App Using This Link https://darwinia.network/plo_contribute?referral=12gJNfHaf1Xihbef8V9XTccfDNRvshVqVsSottuqAjQrs4Ka
  2. Sign Up by Filling the Simple Form
  3. Your account is ready after the verification of email id.
  4. Use this Referral Code when it asks: 12gJNfHaf1Xihbef8V9XTccfDNRvshVqVsSottuqAjQrs4Ka
  5. Now start enjoy using Darwinia App

Refer And Earn 25% BONUS of Per Joining on Darwinia App

  1.  First if all go to Darwinia app Refer & Earn option .
  2. Share your unique referral code to your friends and family to join
  3. you can also share your referral code in the comments below
  4. You will get 25% bonus and free KTON by sharing only this code
  5.  Enjoy the Earning Tricks.
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