JBEX Exchange Invite Code

JBEX Exchange Invite Code[BlpcxC]- Get 20% reward by inviting friends

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BlpcxC is the Vstmex Exchange Invite Code. Sign in using this code and get attractive reward of 20% Commission on referrals

JBEX Exchange Invite Code Benefits

Provides safe and secure digital asset trading platform
  • Buy, trade and earn bitcoin at zero cost
  •  Enjoy Multi-platform terminal trading
  •  Do tasks to earn bitcoins
  • Improve your trading skills from investment trading
  • Enjoy both spot trading and margin trading on one platform

20% Commission
JBEX Exchange Invite Code
JBEX Exchange Invite Code
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Invite Link


Invite Code


Referral Program 

20% Commission

Steps to SignUp On JBEX Exchange

  1. Open This Website/App Using This Link http://www.jbex.com/register/BlpcxC
  2. Sign Up by Filling the Simple Form
  3. Use this Invite Code when it asks:    BlpcxC
  4. Upload your documents and finish KYC
  5. Deposit using your preferred method
  6. Start trading using multiple options available

Invite And Earn Per Joining on JBEX 

  1.  First if all go to invite friends option.
  2. Get your unique invite code
  3. Share it among friends using social media
  4. You can also share your invite code in the comments below
  5. You can get commission from multiple level of referrals
  6. Share more Earn more!
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