Kucoin Futures Referral Code

Kucoin Futures Referral Code [QBSSS7S1] – Up To 20% Flat Discount

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Up to 20% Off
Kucoin Futures Referral code
Kucoin Futures Referral code
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Kucoin Futures Referral Code Is “QBSSS7S1” – My Kucoin Futures Referral Code will help you save up to 20% when trading cryptocurrencies on Kucoin and earn up to 30% in referral rewards.Show Less

Kucoin Futures Referral Code Offers, Features


  1. KuCoin Futures is a programmatic trading platform that offers fair, efficient, and user-friendly products for cryptocurrency traders
  2. You can trade with leverage, transact futures, and enjoy high performance and security on KuCoin Futures
  3. You can choose from different trading modes and strategies, such as Futures Classic, Futures Lite, and Futures Brawl
  4. You can benefit from the KCS token, which provides discounts and rewards for KuCoin users
  5. You can use the referral code “QBSSS7S1” to save up to 20% on your trading fees and earn up to 30% in referral rewards
  6. KuCoin Futures is suitable for beginners and professionals who want to trade cryptocurrencies with more flexibility and profitability

Steps to SignUp On Kucoin Futures Using My Referred Code:

Step 1: Go to https://www.kucoin.com/r/rf/QBSSS7S1 and click on “Sign Up” if you do not have a Kucoin account, or “Log In” if you already have one.

Step 2: If you are signing up, enter your email address, password, and referral code (QBSSS7S1) and agree to the terms of use. Then verify your email address and phone number.

Step 3: If you are logging in, enter your email address and password and complete the security verification.

Step 4: After logging in, click on “Futures” on the top menu and then click on “Enable Futures Trading”. Agree to the risk disclosure and user agreement.

Step 5: You can now start trading on Kucoin futures. You can choose from different trading modes, such as Futures Classic, Futures Lite, and Futures Brawl. You can also buy crypto, transfer funds, place orders, and sell futures on the platform.


Refer And Earn 30% of Per Joining on Kucoin Futures:

Here are the steps to earn commission by referring friends on Kucoin futures:

    1. Let your friends in on the great news: share your special referral code or link with your buddies!
    2. It‘s located on the Kucoin website or app‘s referral program page: https://www.kucoin.com/r/rf/QBSSS7S1.
    3. When your friends signs up and deposits funds or completes a transaction, you can get rewards.
    4. Your referral rewards can be seen in theReferral Program of your profile.
    5. Plus, you will receive a commission based on a percentage of the trading volume for each valid referral the more referrals you make, the more commission you can earn up to 30%!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kucoin Futures:

  • Q: How do I sign up for Kucoin Futures?

  • A: You need to have a Kucoin account and enable futures trading on the website or the app. You can also use the referral code QBSSS7S1 to get discounts and rewards.

  • Q: What are the fees for Kucoin Futures?

  • A: The fees depend on whether you are a maker or a taker. Makers provide liquidity and pay 0.020%, while takers take liquidity and pay 0.060%. You can also use the KCS token to get fee discounts.

  • Q: What are the trading modes on Kucoin Futures?

  • A: You can choose from Futures Classic, Futures Lite, and Futures Brawl. Each mode has different features and benefits, such as different leverage levels, profit calculators, and ranking systems.

  • Q: How do I avoid liquidation on Kucoin Futures?

  • A: Liquidation happens when your margin balance falls below the maintenance margin. To avoid liquidation, you should use appropriate leverage, set stop-loss orders, monitor your positions, and add margin if needed.

  • Q: How do I withdraw or deposit funds on Kucoin Futures?

  • A: You need to transfer funds from your Kucoin main account to your Kucoin futures account. You can also buy crypto with fiat or other methods and deposit it to your main account first.
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