MEXC Futures Referral Code

MEXC Futures Referral Code [mexc-REFUND] – Up To 20% Discount On Fees

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MEXC Futures Referral Code “mexc-REFUND“. Get a 20% discount on all trading fees for a lifetime, also can get up to $1000 USDT bonus by completing some tasks such as depositing USDT, trading futures, and inviting new users.

Up to 20% OFF
MEXC Futures Referral Code
MEXC Futures Referral Code
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MEXC Futures Referral Code Is “mexc-REFUND” – You can get a 10% discount on all trading fees for a lifetime and can get up to 60% referral rebate of your referees’ trading fees by becoming a communityShow Less

MEXC Futures Referral Code Offers, Features Benefits

  1. With MEXC Futures, you can access a variety of crypto futures contracts and trade them with up to 200x leverage . MEXC Futures offers you:

    • A secure, stable, and fast system architecture that can handle up to 1.4 million orders/second
    • A range of innovative trading products such as perpetual futures, leveraged ETFs, and index ETFs
    • Trading rules that allow you to go short or long on any contract
    • Trading prices that are fair and transparent, and trading depths that are wide and smooth
    • Affiliate and VIP programs that reward you with bigger promotions and exclusive benefits

    If you want to try MEXC Futures, you can use this referral code to enjoy a 20% discount on trading fees: “mexc-REFUND”. You can also find out more about MEXC Futures on its official site.

Steps to SignUp On MEXC Futures Using My Referred Code:

Step 1: Visit the MEXC website or app and click on “Create an Account”. You can sign up with your mobile number or email address .

Step 2: Type in your password and referral code “mexc-REFUND” and click on “Sign Up”.

Step3: You will get a verification code on your mobile number or email address. Type in the code and click on “Confirm”.

Step 4: Finish the KYC (know your customer) verification by uploading your identity documents and taking a selfie. This will let you trade on MEXC futures and other products.



Refer And Earn 60% of Per Joining on MEXC Futures:

Here are the steps to earn commission by referring friends on MEXC futures:

    1. Step 1: Sign in to your MEXC account and click on the “person” icon at the top right corner. Then click on “up to 60% referral commission”.
    2. Step 2: Pick your referral link, code or poster and share it with your friends or clients who want to trade on MEXC futures.
    3. Step 3: When your friends or clients sign up with your referral link, code or poster, you will earn a commission from every trade they do on MEXC futures. The commission will be paid in USDT, ETH or BTC based on the trading pair.
    4. Step 4: The commission rate will vary based on your MX token position. The more MX tokens you have, the higher the commission rate. You can earn up to 60% commission if you are a MEXC community partner.
    5. Step 5: The commission will be settled daily and sent to your account on the next day. You can view your invitation record and rebate record on the referral page or on the MEXC app.

Frequently Asked Questions About MEXC Futures:

In this article, we will cover some frequently asked questions about MEXC Futures and provide you with comprehensive answers. Let’s dive into the FAQs.

  1. What are MEXC futures? They are deals to buy or sell crypto later. MEXC futures is a crypto deal, and the crypto (or cash) will be settled later.
  2. How to demo trade in MEXC futures? Just click “Demo” on the top right of the futures page. Demo trade lets you play with fake money and try your strategies.
  3. What is the funding rate for MEXC futures? It’s a thing that makes the price of MEXC futures match the real price of the crypto. The funding rate is swapped between long and short positions every 8 hours. If it’s positive, long positions pay short positions; if it’s negative, short positions pay long positions.
  4. How to use trailing stop orders in MEXC futures? It’s an order that changes the stop price by a percentage or amount. This helps you keep your profits or cut your losses when the market moves for you or against you. To use it in MEXC futures, you need to pick “Trailing Stop” as the order type and enter the trigger price and callback rate.
  5. What is copy trade in MEXC futures? It’s a feature that lets you follow and copy other traders on MEXC futures. You can pick a trader based on how they do, how risky they are, and how they trade, and put some money to copy their trades automatically. Copy trade can help you learn from others and mix up your portfolio.
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