Paysend App Referral Code is “01rq3m” – GET 1.50 DKK on each transfer your friend made

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Paysend App Referral Code is “01rq3m“.Apply this referral code when you Signup and you will get 1.50 DKK for each of the next 12 more transfers that your friend makes within the next year.

Paysend App referral Code Benefits

Paysend is a money transfer app that is quick, easy, and secure.

  • Our app allows you to send money to friends and family in over 100 countries across the world, allowing you to stay in touch with those you care about.
  • It doesn’t matter how much money you’re sending – all money transfers have a flat cost.
  • Paysend’s popularity stems from the fast transfer speeds associated with online money transactions.
  • A true expert in international credit card transactions;
  • The exchange rate, the amount due, and the fixed transfer fees are all displayed up front.

Paysend App
Paysend App

App Name

Paysend  App

Paysend  App Invite Code

Paysend  App Invite Code


Sign Up Bonus


Referral Program 

1.50 DKK on each transfer

Steps to SignUp On Paysend App

  1. Install and Open this App Using This Link
  2. Sign Up by Filling the Simple Form
  3. After filling your bank details , then your account is ready to use
  4. Use this Referral Code when it asks: 01rq3m
  5. Now start enjoy using Paysend App

Refer And Earn 1.50 DKK on each transfer on Paysend App

  1.  First if all go to Paysend app Refer & Earn option .
  2. Share your unique referral code to your friends and family to join
  3. you can also share your referral code in the comments below
  4. You will get 1.50 DKK for each next 12 transfers made by your friend
  5.  Enjoy the Earning Tricks.
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