PointPay App Referral Code is “65345f14-84b7-4c19-8901-e9b5b4b563f2”

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65345f14-84b7-4c19-8901-e9b5b4b563f2 ” is the referral code for PointPay App. Now signup using a valid PointPay App Referral code & Earn 10% of revenue share as commission

PointPay App referral Code Benefits

THE WORLD’S FIRST BLOCKCHAIN BANK! PointPay is a simple and secure method of payment.

  • PointPay’s crypto lending platform includes features such as a greater yield for PXP token holders.
  • It supports a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchange features make it simple to place, execute, and schedule limit and stop-limit orders.
  • You’ll learn how to acquire, trade, and manage cryptocurrencies in the safest method possible. Open checking and savings accounts, earn greater rates, and don’t worry about your wallet’s security.
  • Your cryptocurrency will be kept in perfect security. We’ve done everything we can to keep your money wallet safe at all times.
  • When compared to other payment providers, PointPay offers the most comprehensive support.

Steps to SignUp On PointPay App

  1. Install and Open this App Using This Link https://pointpay.io/referral/65345f14-84b7-4c19-8901-e9b5b4b563f2.
  2. Sign Up by Filling the Simple Form
  3. After adding your bank details and verifying email id then your account is ready to use
  4. Use this Referral Code when it asks: 65345f14-84b7-4c19-8901-e9b5b4b563f2 .
  5. Now start enjoy using PointPay App

Refer And Earn 10% revenue share as commission of Per Joining on PointPay App

  1.  First if all go to PointPay app Refer & Earn option .
  2. Share your referral code maximum to your friends and family
  3. you can also share your referral code in the comments below
  4. Then you will get 10% of revenue share as commission by using your code
  5.  Enjoy the Earning Tricks.
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