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Synthswap Referral Code [rebate] – get up to 10% Cashback

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Synthswap Referral Code 2023 is “rebate“. Earn up to 10% cashback on your trading costs and get up to 15% Fee-Commission when you share Synthswap with your friends and colleagues.

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Synthswap Referral Code


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Up To 10% Of Cashback

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Referral Benefits

Enjoy up to 15% Fee-Commission

Up To 10% Of Cashback
Synthswap Referral Code
Synthswap Referral Code
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Synthswap Referral Code Is “rebate”. You can also get a fee-commission of up to 15% when you refer your friends and colleagues to Synthswap. This means that you will earn a percentage of the trading fees that they pay when they use the platform. Show Less

Synthswap Referral Code Offers, Features And Benefits:

Synthswap is a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Base, a secure, low-cost, and builder-friendly Ethereum L2 platform.

  • Lowest fees: Synthswap uses Concentrated Liquidity to allow liquidity providers to specify a price range for their liquidity. This reduces slippage and increases capital efficiency, which ultimately leads to lower fees for traders.
  • Active Liquidity Management: Synthswap is the first DEX on Base to offer Active Liquidity Management. This is a unique feature that automatically rebalances the liquidity pools to keep them within range and auto-compounds the generated swap fees to maximize returns.
  • Decentralized governance: Synthswap is a decentralized exchange, which means that it is governed by its users. Users can vote on major changes and proposals using their SYNTH or xSYNTH tokens. This ensures that Synthswap is transparent and inclusive in its decision-making process.
  • Synthswap rewards users with SYNTH tokens, which can be staked or swapped for xSYNTH.
  • Synthswap is a decentralized exchange with governance features.
  • Synthswap is a one-stop DeFi solution with a variety of products.

Steps to Sign Up On Synthswap (Using My Synthswap Referral Code):

  1. To start trading on Synthswap DEX, go to the Synthswap website via and click on the “Launch App” button.
  2. Then, connect your wallet to the app by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button and selecting your preferred wallet provider.
  3. Once your wallet is connected, you will see your wallet address and balance in the top right corner of the app.
  4. You can also access your profile, settings, and referral link by clicking on your wallet address.
  5. If you do not have a referral code, you can enter my referred cod “rebate” in the “Enter Synthswap DEX Referral Code” box and click on the “Apply” button. You will see a confirmation message that says “Referral Code Applied Successfully.”
  6. Now you are ready to start trading on Synthswap DEX! The platform offers the lowest fees and the highest rewards, so you can enjoy a smooth and profitable trading experience.

Refer Synthswap DEX And Earn Up to 15% Of Commissions:

  1. To get your referral code, go to the Synthswap app and click on your wallet address in the top right corner. Then, click on the “Referral Link” option. Your referral code will be displayed in the pop-up window.
  2. You can share your referral code or link by copying it from the pop-up window or by clicking on the “Copy Link” button. You can also share it on social media, in forums, or in other online communities.
  3. When someone uses your referral code or link to sign up for Synthswap DEX, they will become your referral. They will get a cashback of up to 10% on their trading fees, and you will get a fee-commission of up to 15% from their trading fees.
  4. You can check your referral rewards by going to the “Referral Rewards” option in your profile menu. You will see a list of your referrals, their trading volume, and your earned commissions.
  5. You can withdraw your commissions to your Base wallet by clicking on the “Withdraw” button.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Synthswap:

  • Q: What is the Synthswap Exchange referral code? A:rebate” is the Synthswap DEX referral code.
  • What are the benefits of trading on Synthswap? Synthswap offers the lowest fees, the highest rewards, active liquidity management, decentralized governance, and a one-stop DeFi solution.
  • What is SYNTH? SYNTH is the native token of Synthswap, which can be used for staking, governance, and rewards.
  • What is Perpetual Trading? Perpetual Trading is a feature that allows traders to trade futures contracts with leverage and without expiry dates.
  • How can I sign up on Synthswap? You can sign up on Synthswap by visiting its website and connecting your Base wallet.
  • How can I earn SYNTH? You can earn SYNTH by trading, providing liquidity, staking, participating in launchpad, and referring others to Synthswap.

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