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xPortal Referral Code [koccvowqr2] – Recieve Gift Of $5

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xPortal Referral Code is “koccvowqr2.” If you sign up with this referral code, you will receive a gift of $5.

Gift Of $5
xPortal Referral Code
xPortal Referral Code
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xPortal Referral Code Is “koccvowqr2” – U.sing my referred code on sign up you can recieve a gift of $50, also if you start to refer you may earn up to 100% of commission Show Less

xPortal referral Code Offers, Features


  1. When you register, enter my referral code to receive $5 in EGLD when you purchase at least $100 worth of EGLD.
  2. A mobile application that enables you to safely store and transfer money using your smartphone as a digital wallet.
  3. xPortal is a genuine SuperApp that offers an unparalleled suite of incredible features designed to seamlessly merge digital banking, finance, and cryptocurrency with social elements such as end-to-end encrypted chat.

Steps to SignUp On xPortal Using My Referred Code:

  1. Sign up for the xPortal App by clicking the link: https://xport.al/referral/koccvowqr2 and downloading the app. 
  2. Generate a new wallet and store the seed phrase safely.
  3.  Enter the referral codekoccvowqr2 when prompted to get a $5 gift when you purchase $100 in EGLD. 
  4. Your account is ready to use once the signup process is complete. Enjoy!

Refer And Earn 50% of Per Joining on xPortal:

  1. Ensure your xPortal App account is signed in.
  2. Click on your profile and select the referrals tab to find your referral link or code.
  3.  Share your referral link or code with your friends, family, and followers (via email, social media, or any other channel).
  4. Create an xPortal referral link or code and start earning 100% commission on EGLD purchases made by your referrals
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